If you’re not seeing progress in your squash matches and results, it’s possible that you’ve hit a plateau.

You may be struggling to defeat opponents you know you should be able to beat. Taking lessons can provide a clearer perspective on areas for improvement in your game.

Lessons will help refine your technique, reduce errors, and enhance your tactical abilities, making it more difficult for your opponents to play against you.


Everyone’s game is as different as a fingerprint. Only an experienced coach will be able coach specific to your unique abilities. Your lesson is different from every other student.


Every training session is part of the larger plan. Each session targets a different aspect of your game. Technique, tactics, physicality as well as mental training.


Having worked with Middle School, High School, College and Professional Players over the last 15 years Gary knows what is expected at every level of the game.

Thank you so much for all of the time you have spent with Chris in clinics, etc. He is loving playing squash and you are one of the reasons why!

Sherri A.

Henry was able to make the JV squash team at BHS and the lessons certainly helped as he was able to prevail in challenge matches over several others who ended up being cut.

James. K.

Schedule a lesson with Gary at SquashWest and unlock your potential.